Above all, I aim to please you and your horse. I want your horse and you to function as a unit. This synchrony can only happen if you are both able to travel in comfort. I guarantee that all items will fit the animal (or animals) for which they were intended. I handcraft each saddle with the same pride and care as if I were making it for myself. I do not make any refunds on merchandise.

If a saddle or item within a period three months from the time you receive it does not fit properly, or if there is any defect in workmanship or hardware, I will re-adjust, remake, or repair the item. Prices are subject to change without notice. I urge you to call or write for current prices or with any questions you might have.

The custom saddles and accessories are modestly priced so that the average person can afford them. They are built the way you want them and with the highest of quality. The $300 deposit for a new saddle is non-refundable.

The speed with which I can get a saddle to you depends on if I have the proper tree in stock to fit you and your horse, or whether I have to make one. It also depends on how backlogged with orders I am.

DISCLAIMER I, Marilyn Horstmyer, or Desoto Custom Saddlery, shall not be liable for and the customer assumes all risk and liability of any use or handling of any material beyond our direct control. The seller makes no warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular use.